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Life Sucks When You're Not Ready For It!

Hiking, camping, storms or bigfoot invasion: be ready for anything with the easiest way to preparedness.

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What is S.E.R.E.BOX?

For starters it's pronounced sear (like when you sear your steak!). It stands for Store (stock up on supplies, Equip ( having the right gear for the right situation), Rescue (help yourself or someone else out of a situation) and Evade (get out of a dangerous situation). All these things are possible with items from your SEREBOX. We're not fancy, but we get the job done when you need it.

Serebox is designed for outdoor enthusiasts as well as those preparing for emergency situations. We cover the four key elements of preparedness: Food, Fire, Water and Protection. Protection can be from the elements or from danger.

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Easy to Use Instructions on Every Item

No Contracts
Cancel Any Time

High Quality Gear
Damn Good Food

Bigfoot is Real.

How it works

1. Select your box

Choose the Mini, the Alpha or just purchase a 1 time box to try us out!

2. We create a theme each month

Each month contains different gear and food for a specific outdoor use or survival situation.

3. Get your gear and play with it!

Our boxes are no good if you don't know how to use what's inside. When you get your box, take the items out and play!

Choose wisely grasshopper:

email us at INFO@SEREBOX.COM